Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Pearl Letters Podcast #1

Hi everyone! Last night we had our third meeting, and decided to start a podcast. Heres our first episode!

Podcast#1 BBL

So here's my If you want to be a guest on our podcast (at the end of each month) we would love to have you on!

Shaak Ti

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's with the voodoo doll??

Hello fellow POTC fans! Mysticalshadow here!

The end of On Stranger Tides is a bit nerve racking I'd say, because it shows Angelica smiling creepily as she picks up this voodoo doll that just washed up on the shore. This voodoo doll can be used to kill or torture Jack Sparrow!! And at the moment, I think Angelica is a bit mad, to say the least, at Jack for dumping her on a deserted island. What do you think she is going to do to Jack?  Drown him? Hug him? Stab him? Kiss him on the cheek? Choke him? Braid his dreadlocks? Rip him...that's wierd...I wonder what that would look like to just start ripping for "no reason" in the middle of the street... Anyways, comment below if you have any idea's on what she might do to get revenge!

Sincerely yours, Mysticalshadow!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Those who did not like POTC 4...

Syrena here! Ok, I have heard a couple of people say they ddn't like POTC 4 becuase it was "So different from the others.." but the thing is, there are going to be six movies...what if they all had the exact same feel to them? We would get bored of it right? 

Ugh! I hate it whe people say they didn't like it....POTC 4 was amazing!

When people say they don't like POTC four, I react like this, "Wow, you're crazy..." but in my mind I'm reacting more like this:

~~Syrena the Mermaid~~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick Update

Hey everyone, Shaak here.

So earlier today I talked to the other girls about what we wanted to do with the club and the blog. The reason not much has happened with either is because we've only had two meetings, due to me being out of town for the month (the ship is in my back yard). The month before I left, Syrena was in the south (I think Louisiana), so we couldn't get everything we wanted to done in that meeting (we ended up watching Doctor Who). Then all of the other times we tried to get all four of us together something came up and do that never happened. We're planning on having an other meeting next week.

But back to the point: we are a blog by the fans, for the fans (I seriously think I'm copying that, but I don't know we're from!). We want to do things like having you (our wonderful followers :)) submit fan fiction and fan art. We may go somewhere with this, maybe not.

I can't say any more about our plans until the girls and I talk it over.

PS. Any Doctor Who fans out there? What did you think about the S7 premier! *amyroryoswindoctorfeels*