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Characters of Pirates of the Caribbean

Hey, Syrena...again.  So sorry about the lack of posts.

Ok, so I thought it might be interesting to  at least briefly analyze some of the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean.  My apologies if this is completely boring and not interesting at all--but it's the best idea I've got.

Of course I'll start with our favorite Captain--the one and only Jack Sparrow.  From his amazing one liners to his elaborate escapes, let us fully examine the roundness of this character.  Now,  on the outer surface we see the staggering, witty, charismatic, and well...selfish pirate in Jack.  He displays extreme bravado
 along with ingenious ideas.  Even upon his first entrance, you can gather this by the way he sails in so majestically on his little boat, and then staggers down to dump out the water that's quickly sinking his vessel (if you can call it that.)  He also removes his hat "respectfully" as he passes the corpses of pirates hanged to death along with a warning to all pirates entering.  I could go on with commentary and recite the entire first movie but I won't.  ;P

Now, if we dig a bit deeper we can see a few more aspects of Jack's personality.  Fear is one.  Jack often walks around confidently as if he were immortal, but there are moments where he is just honestly scared, for example when he's terrified of the Kraken approaching and allows his beloved hat to float away in the ocean,
and when he's facing Davy Jones in POTC 3, or when he's being chased by cannibals.  In all these instances however, I can say that you would all be scared too, ok?  In contrast to this he also shows sincere bravery on several occasions.  For instance when he faces the Kraken full on, charging into it's mouth, and when he decides to battle the East India Trading Company, and when he jumps off of a cliff for Angelica (he hesitated--but wouldn't you?)

This post can only be so long so I will only focus on two more for Captain Jack Sparrow.  One of them is his  (rarely seen) very serious, solemn side.  This is first seen I think when he shoots Barbossa, and sees that his quest for revenge, and for the Black Pearl, is over, and he witnesses the death of his former first mate.  This side of Jack is also seen when he contemplates the death of the kraken, along with the time that Davy Jones heartlessly (no pun intended) stabs Will Turner with his sword, and when Black Beard burns the cook to death.

And Last but certainly not least is sacrifice.  As much as I love Jack I can't say that this feature is seen often. He almost always has something for himself behind what he does for others, but there are a few occasions
where he really does sacrifice stuff--major stuff.  He sacrifices his chance at immortality when he stabs Davy Jones' heart for Will Turner, and once again when he saves Angelica with the water from the Fountain of Youth.  Sure he may have killed her father in the process but he was going to die anyway.

jack has amazing dreads, amazing fighting skills, and altogether awesomeness...

Sorry, I'm just going to skip Liz and Will because they're always analyzed.  I know, Jack is too, but he's just awesome.

So, next I'll go with Barbossa, who's pretty much just what you see.  He's supposed to be a villain, right?  Then why does it seem to me that he's just that weird kid down the street that's' really annoying and is always trying to steal your gummy bears?  (random analogy, I know.)  Him and Jack are like two little boys fighting
over a toy and when someone else comes along, they work together to keep the toy hidden from the intruder, only so they can keep the competition between themselves.  He tries to kill Jack on several occasions, then when the man finally is dead, he goes out and brings him back.  He and Jack could have been great friends if they weren't mortal enemies.

Barbossa may seem like a friend at times, and he's hilarious and clever...but he's willing to do just about anything to get his way...Although he is a fairly likable fellow when on neutral ground.  He has a strange respect for Sparrow, but would never admit it.

Barbossa has a way with words--but is typically outwitted by Captain Jack Sparrow.  He has a slightly nasty attraction to Elizabeth Swann, and likes monkeys and apples.

James Norrington.  Poor guy.  He's Unlucky--just very unlucky.

He's a good guy.  Even when he betrays everybody it's only because he's trying to do what's right.  He really cares for Elizabeth all the way up to the end.  He has some pretty significant character development. He's slightly sarcastic, with a sense of honor and duty.  He, like everyone else, has a secret respect for Jack Sparrow.

So, in POTC 1, when he's a Commodore  we see him as a relatively nice fellow, but we are (well at least I was) very annoyed with him, because he gets in the way.  he gets in the way of Elizabeth and Will, and he gets in the way of Jack Sparrow--then he has the nerve to put Jack--who just saved them all--to death!  Of course, he doesn't succeed, but whatever.  In 1, he's a polite, loyal citizen who cares greatly for Elizabeth and his country.  He's intelligent and brave, but pretty stuck up, short tempered, and kind of snobby.

In POTC 2, we see him as a very different person.  At this point, Norrington has lost everything, and resorts to piracy.  He has disposed of the ridiculous wig and has groan some facial hair and is really dirty, so he fits in with the pirate crowd physically.  He has now acquired a vengeful attitude and worse anger issues.  He tolerates Jack for as long as he needs to, but tries to kill him, along with Will, when the time is right for him.  He still cares greatly for Elizabeth, and is very brave.

By the time we reach At World's End, Norrington has regained his position in the Navy and is working with the East India Trading Company against the Pirates.  In the end, however, James Ironically ends up giving his life for a bunch of pirates.  R.I.P Norrington.

Moving on to the complicated Angelica.  Does she really love Jack?  It's hard to tell...she's a woman of lies and deception.  She even lies by telling the truth.  O.O

She's definitely pretty rough around the edges.  She's very tough and strong--and pretty selfish--although, really, her entire drive throughout the fourth movie was to save her father's soul.  That was the main reason she wasn't on Jack's side...completely.  Well, she was against him, but kind of helped him out too.  She's
very complicated, which is why her and Jack go together quite well.  She evidently has a soft spot for Black Beard, and even for jack Sparrow--though she would never admit it...unless she was stranded on an island and desperate to get off--but then, can we trust anything she says? Not really.

She seems to kind of pity Syrena and Philip, but obviously not enough to prevent her father from reaching he fountain of youth, as she goes through a whole charade to trick them both, get a tear from the poor mermaid, and pretty much leave the two for dead.

She has cool clothes, cool hair, and impressive fighting skills.  Yep.  I wish I had more on her but she's only had one movie and she's difficult to describe.

Kutler Becket.  Horrible.  Disgusting.  Ugly.  Stupid.  Dispicable.

Sorry if you didn't find these descriptions completely accurate, I'm just briefly going over characters.  I know this wasn't expertly written, it's just for fun.  :)

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~~Syrena the Mermaid~~