Saturday, November 17, 2012

What do you want to happen with the Black Pearl Letters?

Actually, I want to start with a picture that Quartermaster sent me this morning:

                                         Yep, says everything about me...

But, aside from that, I was going through my iPad and heres some pictures I fell like sharing:
Well, I think it's legit! Not like I ship it or anything, that would be weird! But it's funny.

Then there's this one ;)

Because my main job for The Black Pearl Letters is upkeep of the site, what would you like to see? Movie reviews? Fan videos? Guest posts? We are going to continue our podcast, but I'm the only one with a Skype, so we all have to be together to record. Also, we're going to have our first fan art/fanfic contest thing coming up within the next few months, so be aware! our theme will just be POtC, nothing fancy. We could have a Facebook page, I guess. I dont know, sorry, just throwing out random options. Just comment with what ever you would like to see on the site and the BPL crew will work on it!

Shaak Ti :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amazing deleted scene!

This is pretty much my favorite deleted scene in POTC!   WHY DID THE STUPID WRITERS (they're not stupid, they're ingenious) EVER DELETE IT!!!!  It's so epic! It gets a little more into Jack Sparrow's character I think, and it shows a sort of friendly side of him for minute there...sigh...they could have easily kept it in by simply cutting out one of the Will/Liz scenes (way too many of those.)


~~Syrena the Mermaid~~

Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello friends and followers of The Black Pearl Letters!

    I, Mysticalshadow, have been searching the web for Pirates of the Caribbean randomness, and while searching photo's of Jack Sparrow being awesome, I came upon some pictures that were...not so awesome. Trying to make Jack Sparrow into a cute cartoon character is just humiliating. Please understand I have nothing against cartoon drawings or anime, but to draw Jack Sparrow as a cute cartoon character?? Alright, lets get something staraight here! JACK SPARROW IS NOT A ADORABLE LITTLE PUPPY DOG FACED BABY OR SOMETHING! He's a pirate that does epic things that a little baby would definitely not do! I mean, I have to admitt, some of the pictures are pretty adorable, but please don't turn Jack Sparrow into a baby!! That is just too far! Not all the photo's are of him as a baby, but, just see for yourself...

I think after those I have earned myself the right to say, "WHAT!?" I...I...I...poor Jack Sparrow...
Sincerely yours, Mysticalshadow