Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hi Random people who are obsessed with POTC

     Hi random peoples!
We're four people who are obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and we're using Shaak Ti's account for this blog.  We love all of the movies and are waiting anxiously for the next one.  So...this is our epic blog! Our names are:
Shaak Ti
Syrenathemermaid (I'm the one writing this)
and Quartermaster

So yeah...that's us.  We are crew members of the Black Pearl.  If you are a POTC fan, please join our blog!  By the way, we're all girls...but like...we don't care if you're a guy, or a monkey, or an undead skeleton...ok, then we might care, but you get the point.  

~~Syrena the Mermaid~~

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