Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hey everyone, Syrena the Mermaid here,
You know, according to the charts hardly any of you have viewed this blog within the past month...but I don't blame you, because none of the three other writers of this blog ever seem to update it!!! Upset? No, I'm not upset, why would you ever think that? Pf! Nah! Of course I'm not upset! So why am I posting this random rant about how they're not posting anything you ask? Well, because...if all of you guys commented on Shaak-Ti's other blog, telling her that she should update this one, maybe she will! :) So then you guys will have something to read and comment on.  And now, so I won't be hipocritical, I myself will post something random....

~~Syrena The Mermaid~~

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