Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello friends and followers of The Black Pearl Letters!

    I, Mysticalshadow, have been searching the web for Pirates of the Caribbean randomness, and while searching photo's of Jack Sparrow being awesome, I came upon some pictures that were...not so awesome. Trying to make Jack Sparrow into a cute cartoon character is just humiliating. Please understand I have nothing against cartoon drawings or anime, but to draw Jack Sparrow as a cute cartoon character?? Alright, lets get something staraight here! JACK SPARROW IS NOT A ADORABLE LITTLE PUPPY DOG FACED BABY OR SOMETHING! He's a pirate that does epic things that a little baby would definitely not do! I mean, I have to admitt, some of the pictures are pretty adorable, but please don't turn Jack Sparrow into a baby!! That is just too far! Not all the photo's are of him as a baby, but, just see for yourself...

I think after those I have earned myself the right to say, "WHAT!?" I...I...I...poor Jack Sparrow...
Sincerely yours, Mysticalshadow

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  1. ...kill....those...traitors...especially the ones who created the third and fourth ones there...yeesh.