Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Aka: Obsess about your OTP day!
By Shaak Ti, who interviewed the rest of the crew and got phone numbers mixed up

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful time with that significant other (or best friend or family or jar of dirt with your enemies heart in it or computer!)

Because it's the holiday of love, I had each of the girls send two of their favorite ships to share with you. First, though, let's start with the major POTC pairings:

Lizzy and Will... along with Jack standing awkwardly to the side
See! Jacks always there, on the side, the awkward third wheel, even though the movie's about him.

Ok, Then we have Jack/Angelica
I cant wait for the next movie... What's she going to do with that voodoo doll?

The Crew's Choices

Ok, you have NO IDEA how hard it was to get an answer from Syrena. She named just about every ship she ever took time to think about, but then decided on these two. 

Han and Leia
 "I like Han and Leia because they're just all together hilarious and adorable... especially when  they're worried about each other or Han calls Leia 'Your Worship'"

Clint/Natasha (Who dosent ship them?)
"I started shipping Clint and Natasha as soon as this amazing line came up:  Natasha: 'This is like Budapest all over again.'  Clint: 'You and I remember Budapest very differently.'  They just fit together so perfectly.  And I mean....come on....they flirt while shooting alien cool is that?"

well, after naming just about every couple that set foot on the set of Doctor who, talking about who she ships herself with (Loki and Thorin, btw) and how Misty left her phone at her house and they were texting from other phones and finally emailing and stuff.... she decided on the parents and the child/ son in law!

Amy/Rory (Parents first!)
"Alright, I'd say Amy adn Rory, because its completely epic and timey wimey and sweet and they waited and its was adorable and the sweetest romance ever."

"And I ship Eleven and River, because of their awesome timey wimey out of order beautiful romance and its sooo cute and I love the way they talk to each other and it's hilarious how they interact :)"
(Mystical Shadow also said 11/River: "because they have such awesome chemistry)

My ships! (Shaak Ti)
Oh good Lord was it hard for me to choose. First off, every Valentines I think of Han/Leia, but Syrena took that, and Clintasha, and Quartermaster took the Ponds, so what was I to do? Resort to my OTP to rule all OPTs!

I love how Rick spent 5 books building up the relationship between them. It's not like  "ok, they met, they fall in love, they get married", but they actually are best friends for FOUR ENTIRE YEARS before they get together. And they really didn't like each other at first. If they break up I will cry forever. Either they're together forever, or they both die in some horrible demi-god way.

Lupin and Tonks
Because they are perfect together, OK? They get married, have a kid, die. TRUE LOVE AT ITS GREATEST,  PEEPS!

And Lastly

I'm the one writing this post, so i get to do practically anything else that I want. Like add a few more ships!

All of us LOVE LOVE LOVE Han/Leia. Pretty obvious. Ten/Rose was another favorite, as well as Peter/Gwen. Luke and Mara make a great couple. Pretty much Han and Leia in reverse ;p.

And then there's this adorable James/Lilly Potter pic:

So the last three pictures are from here. Go check out her stuff, it's amazing! Every thing else... well, I just looked it up on google images and didn't remember to get the source, sorry!


  1. Great ships!! :D I also love Ten/Rose, Percy/Annabeth, Remus and Tonks, and Natasha/Clint. :)

  2. I'm just going to say that I ship all of those people! (Except the Harry Potter peeps, cuz I don't read Harry Potter...) Anyways, Happy Valentines Day everyone! :)

  3. Gasp! You forgot about Syrena/Philip! Shame on you Shaak!

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  5. Yay! Glad you like our list, Shena! Rose and 9/10 is just so perfect!

    Syrena: *gasp* how could I forget them?
    I actually almost added them... *hangs head in shame*