Saturday, December 15, 2012

Please, pray for the families that lost loved ones yesterday in the shooting. I can't imagine the horror of having to loose someone you care about in that way.

Now on to happier things:
I was on You Tube and came across this woman's cover of POTC songs. Isn't her voice amazing!

Beautiful, beautiful

Also, here's a picture I stumbled across on Facebook. 

It totally fits me, because those are all of my fandoms!!!!!!!

Yes, I know, I'm the worst "blog upkeep person" ever, but I'm studying for finals and then I have Christmas break, so then I'll have time to do stuff. And you may get a podcast soon! I have the Facebook page up, but as I'm the only one with a FB account, I need to get some other Admins. Comment if you are willing, please!

~Shaak Ti (aka the girl who is crying because she's almost done with Harry Potter.)

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